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How could we explain diseases,wars and tragedies in life ?

( This is an extract from author's book, ' Is reason a sense-organ? A super-mind above the known-mind ?, posted with the intention of explaining the most crucial question or argument of those who buy only the scientific explanation of reality: How could death,diseases,wars and tragedies of life could be explained, if God, or the predilection of nature, or the 'whole' is kind and merciful ?  - -link to the book's e.version is :

The question of how ORIGINAL is man's FREE WILL!

Coming back to man, his mind organ, which is specifically designed to know and deal with PHENOMENA, is instrumental in creating the ENTITY, or the OWNER figure, the EGO, as already seen earlier. When this synthetic OWNER of phenomenal experiences remains totally cut-off from all deeper sources of existence, life becomes a stand-alone affair for such subjects. 

It is the MIND of such synthetic OWNERS of life experiences that Kant had referred to as 'CLOSED' ( means, they could never catch-up with the 'in-itself' category of objects or reality) to the ‘in itself’ reality of the objects of the senses. Science too accepts only such a mind, as the exclusive instrument of knowing at the disposal of man.

The concept of FREE WILL of living beings seems limited to having a 'synthetic sense of ownership' for ones’ own actions, and its consequences. When the ownership itself is synthetic, how can his experiences be original, and substance-filled?

He eats when hunger compels him, relieves himself of body wastes when specialized pressures tease him, seeks love and a sex partner when massive inborn urges disturb him, exercises his body when an urge to 'exert' reminds him to be on his toes, and finally, seeks truth, beauty and art compelled by the cravings of the internal sense of Reason ( please get to know of this unrecognized internal DRIVES of our faculty of reason from link:

 It would be very interesting a subject to probe more, as to how much human act is the product of man's FREE WILL!

But it seems, with the said synthetic ownership, when he cuts-itself off from his existential sources, he could be turning himself into a LAW UNTO HIMSELF, in the phenomenal realm, and God/Nature could have kept aside a separate system of law, based on CAUSE and EFFECT, to manage this kind of a show. Man's FREEWILL seems applicable only in its limited meaning, in this domain!

Life's sorrowful experiences, its emotional and physical calamities and ups and downs appear CAUSE and EFFECT driven, or even purely accidental when looked at through the eyes of such synthetic self-holders. Hence, the uncertainties, and the personal and natural calamities in life are peculiar experiences of the individual EGOS, when they are trapped within the STAND-ALONE reality of its four walls! When it remains cut off from the spiritual source of existence, and within the dreaded walls of EGO, it has no choice but to experience such calamities as (being) real, in all its worldly meaning and severity!

This life and death question of human life, the cause of its untold suffering and uncertainties has no other explanation than what has been depicted above! The phenomenal realm is a totally cut-off (from the source of life and reality) synthetic realm, where the drama of life takes place for the majority of the men. When man thinks that he, as his EGO, is the one and only entity and OWNER that EXPERIENCES life, the other controlling energies of existence back-off, thus making the realm under the mastery of the EGO!

But, it is a fact, that when man manages to free himself from the vicious catch of Ego, and attain some kind of oneness with existence, all the pains, as well as ecstasies of such persons are really felt and shared by mother nature ! She is as keen to get herself liberated from traumas of such entities as the victims themselves. Hence the miraculous recovery of spiritual individuals from serious issues faced in the realm of life.

The force behind existence is NOT a mathematical-coldness as Science believes. Life has 'sense' and relevance at the level of every individual.

posted by: Abraham J. Palakudy 

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